Santee Village Community Bulletin – June 22

Posted By on June 22, 2018

Santee Village Community Bulletin



Sheridan C. Thompson, CMCA – General Manager                      

Phone: 213.243.0798                                                               


Office Location & Hours: The management office is located in the courtyard, behind the Eckardt & Cornell buildings.  It is commercial space #5, next to the art gallery. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.


Maple Garage Information:

Shuttle Van: 213.308.7834

Shuttle Hours: Monday to Thursday 6pm to 11pm AND Friday to Sunday 6pm to 1:30am


Please contact management to schedule all moves and deliveries.


After-Hours Emergency & Security Patrol Contact Information:

Santee Court Leasing Center: 213.623.8101

Santee Village On-Duty Patrol Officer Cell Phone: 323.501.1119

Santee Court (Essex) On-Duty Patrol Officer Cell Phone: 213.924.9848


HVAC Maintenance

Premier Air is offering a discounted price for HVAC preventative maintenance. There is one service date remaining: Saturday, June 30. If you are interested, please email management.


New Security Telephone Number

In order to address connectivity issues with security’s cell phone, the service will be changed to a new service provider. We anticipate this will solve the connectivity issues. The new telephone number is 323-501-1119. Please update your contacts accordingly.


Los Angeles Street Improvements – We Need Your Help!

Management has received a request from the Fashion District BID requesting residents not allow their dogs to relieve themselves in the recently planted succulents on Los Angeles Street. The urine and solid waste are causing the plants to die. When possible, please encourage your pet to relieve themselves in the street/curb area. When your pet has finished, please remove any solid waste and rinse any urine with water (a small water bottle or squirt gun works perfectly).


No Pets Allowed in the Rooftop Spa & Common Area

Management has received increased reports of pet waste being found in the rooftop spa & common area. Please remember no pets are allowed in the rooftop spa & common area.


Board of Directors Meeting Notice:

The Board of Directors will be meeting Wednesday, July 11 at these times in the Santee Village Management Office:

Executive Session – 6:30 PM (by invitation only)

General Session 8:00 PM (all Members are welcome)


738 S. Los Angeles, Suite 5
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone | (213) 243-0798
Security | (323) 459-0191

The management office is located in the courtyard, next to the art gallery.

Management Team

Pam Pham-Le |

Management Company

Action Property Management
707 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1475
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone | (949) 450-0202
Fax | (949) 450-0303