Maintenance Tips

As a resident, there are several items in your condominium to maintain monthly, quarterly, and annually. For example, the heat pump, washer and dryer stack, faucets, drains, smoke detectors & washing machine, and more. Here are a few maintenance tips:


·      Inspect dishwasher and under the sink for leakage – Monthly

·      Clean the large object trap, spray arm, fine filter, and/or pump screen – Monthly

Washer & Dryer Stack (ventless)

·      Clean the dryer lint filter, dryer drum, door, seal, and inside the door – Monthly

·      Inspect the washer and hose connections for leakage – Monthly

·      Wash the dryer air cooler – Quarterly

Plumbing, Faucets & Drains

·      Operate any faucet that is used infrequently – Monthly

·      Clean the disk/screen aerator in the faucet – Annually


·      Inspect and repair water leaks – Monthly

Heat Pump

·      Vacuum vents and register – Quarterly

·      Clean and replace the air filter – Quarterly or Semi-Annually based on usage

·      Professionally inspect, clean, and service the heat pump system – Annually

Smoke Detectors

·      Replace the battery in each smoke detector – Semi-Annually

·      Test Proper operation – Semi-Annually

Sinks, Tubs, and Shower Surrounds

·      Re-caulk around tubs and enclosures, repair tiles, grout, and seal surface – Annually

·      Keep bathtub overflow cover tight – Always


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